Amalfi Series One

Amalfi Series One


The Amalfi Series One is Laurens de Rijke his first take on the creation of a driving oriented watch. This particular series envisions a romantic getaway to the scenic Amalfi Coast in Italy.

The watch has been designed with this prospect in mind, every aspect of the watch has been a battle between form and function and the perfect symbiosis of these two. This has resulted in a design that encompasses:

·         A big dial for higher legibility

·         A 90 degree rotatable case; the watch under an angle of 45 degrees and worn under the wrist results in high legibility while driving. With the watch worn under an angle of 90 degrees and a long strap it could even be worn on the leg.

·         The dial high up in the case with a sapphire glass that ‘encloses’ the hand and dial: making it highly legible under different angles.

·         The possibility to easily change straps; in order to change for longer straps to wear the watch on top of your clothes.

The special shaped sapphire glass has a blue ultraviolet antireflective coating and the case is made of stainless steel 316L. The watch is 38mm in diameter and it is 9.5mm thick.

The watch uses a high end Soprod M100 movement that is visible through the sapphire crystal of the caseback.

Watches are numbered but not limited.

Due to unexpected high demand we already ran out of stock for our first Amalfi Series. Expected delivery time is now three months.

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